I have been working as a  calligrapher and illuminator in Quebec City since 2005. But my calligraphy journey really began in my youth, when I had the privilege of learning to  write with a nib and holder. I practiced this art for many years both at school and on a purely personal basis. I would spend many hours writing and loved transcribing recipes and historical chapters about my native area of Poitou. In fact, these were my favorite activities during my summer vacation. My recent participation in calligraphy and illumination training in Poitiers, Montmorillon and Angers brought me back to those years and gave me the feeling of being with an old friend once again. 

I love manuscripts, especially if they are illustrated by hand and  even more so if  handwritten.  What a thrill it is to be able to enhance  a text and  illustrations ! These early manuscripts, besides being of wonderful historical interest, inspire me to create works that are visually delightful.

The monks, nuns and  lay brothers of the Middle Ages used products such as pigments and parchment (animal skins prepared for writing). The acquisition sometimes required long and perillous voyages. For the most part, however, they were accessible around the monastery. Having no other alternative, they were satisfied with these materials which gave extraordinary results.

I am pleased to continue in the tradition of these early illuminators, using powdered pigments, egg medium, 24 carat gold leaf and 24  carat powdered mineral gold. I also use goat, calf, lamb as well as vellum parchment. In order to achieve a different aesthetic result, at times I use elephant skin paper or hand-crafted paper that imitates parchment.
With the variety of pigments and paper available to me, I certainly have an advantage over the early copyists, whose products provided them with fewer choices.

What is most important to me, however, is being able to share my love of writing and illuminating with all of you.

Enjoy !

Myriam C.
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